Immortal se pregatesc de lansarea celui de-al 9-lea album de studio. Acesta se numeste “Northern Chaos Gods” si va fi disponibil incepand cu data de 6 iulie 2018 via Nuclear Blast.

Pentru promovare, a fost lansat un lyric video pentru piesa ce da si titlul albumului “Northern Chaos Gods” :

Albumul ce va avea 8 piese, a fost produs si mixat de catre Peter Tägtgren (Abyss Studio), cel care lucrase anterior si la albumele “At The Heart Of Winter”,” Damned In Black”, “Sons Of Northern Darkness” si “All Shall Fall”. Interesant este ca Tägtgren s-a ocupat si de partea de bass pe acest album.

“We have put a massive amount of energy into this, and wanted to deliver our absolutely best. It has been a pleasure to finish the studio process and most of all being stoked about the final result. Peter Tägtgren has done an outstanding job in producing and mixing it. We now look forward to have it released, and are excited to share our ninth full-length with you all.”

(voce, chitara)
Horgh (tobe)
Peter Tägtgren (bass)

Tracklist :
1. Northern Chaos Gods
2. Into Battle Ride
3. Gates To Blashyrkh
4. Grim And Dark
5. Called To Ice
6. Where Mountains Rise
7. Blacker Of Worlds
8. Mighty Ravendark

Un EP 7″ ce va contine piesa “Northern Chaos Gods” va preceda lansarea acestui album si va fi disponibil in versiune digitala incepand cu 11 mai sau in versiunea pe vinyl, editie limitata, incepand cu 25 mai.

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