Fetele de la Nervosa (Thrash Metal / Brazilia) au lansat un nou extras de pe viitorul lor album (cel de-al treilea), album ce se va numi “Downfall of Mankind” (data apartitiei 1 iunie 2018 via Napalm Records).
Piesa se numeste “Kill The Silence ” si poate fi ascultata mai jos.
De productia albumului s-a ocupat Martin Furia (care a lucrat printre altii cu Destruction, Flotsam and Jetsam, Evil Invaders) iar grafica albumului poarta semnatura artistului brazilian Hugo Silva.

Fernanda Lira
(bass/vocal) a declarat despre acest album:

“Usually the third album is where a band finds themselves musically, we pretty much like what has been done on this new album. Don’t get me wrong, we love Victim of Yourself and Agony, we love the material we wrote and the songs, but I think on this album we found ourselves. We found how we would like to sound. Of course we will always, at least I hope so, we’ll always be evolving as a band and always adding new elements but yeah, this third album has set our identity as a band.”

Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Horrordome
3. Never Forget, Never Repeat
4. Enslave
5. Bleeding
6. … And Justice for Whom?
7. Vultures
8. Kill the Silence
9. No Mercy
10. Raise Your Fist!
11. Fear, Violence and Massacre
12. Conflict
13. Cultura do Estupro
14. Selfish Battle (Bonus Track)

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