Trupa franceza Domadora (Heavy Primordial Shamanic Psychedelic) va lansa un nou album pe 29 iunie 2018, album ce se va numi “Lacuna”.

“Lacuna” este diferit fata de precedentele doua albume Domadora “Tibetan Monk” (2013) si “The Violent Mystical Sukuma” (2016). Inregistrarile s-au facut intr-o ferma izolata din vestul Frantei sub bagheta lui Brice Chandler, matertialul fiind apoi masterizat de Kent Stump (Wo Fat) la Crystal Clear Sound Wo Fat Studios din Dallas, Texas.

De artwork s-a ocupat Antoine d’Agata, un cunsocut fotograf si regizor francez.

Pentru pormovare a fost lansat un videoclip pentru piesa “Lacuna Jam” pe care il puteti viziona mai jos.

“In this video, we as a band envision ourselves as those bikers taking a road trip at a frantic pace. Because life is weird and frantic. The dancers incarnate tamers (or “domadora”) who are hunting and taming riffs. The climax is the trance induced by the jam, everything goes wild from there. The “Lacuna Jam” video actually depicts what happens to us when we’re jamming all over the place, then the magic suddenly happens out of it.”

1. Lacuna Jam
2. Gengis Khan
3. Vacuum Density
4. Tierra Last Homage

Band Members:
Angel Hidalgo Paterna – keyboards
Karim Bouazza – tobe
Gui Omm – bass
Belwil – chitara

Domadora Lacuna Cover

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