Conan (Stoner Doom Metal / UK) va lansa un nou album intitulat “Existential Void Guardian”, pe data de 31 august 2018 via Napalm Records.

Albumul este produs de Chris Fielding la Skyhammer Studio si masterizat de James Plotkin (Isis, Sumac, Slomatics)

Chitaristul si vocalul trupei, Jon Davis a declarat referitor la acest ultim disc:

Existential Void Guardian expands upon our previous lyrical and conceptual ideas. Bringing the listener’s focus from the screens of our favourite arcade machines to the minds of the characters through who’s eyes we view the two dimensional plane. Chris Fielding produced this album at Skyhammer Studio and we had audio wizard James Plotkin handle the mastering again. Artwork will be by Tony Roberts.

Tracklist :
1.Prosper On The Path
2.Eye To Eye To Eye
4.Amidst The Infinite
5.Volt Thrower
7.Eternal Silent Legend
8.Total Conquest (Live Bonus Track)
9.Satsumo (Live Bonus Track)
10.Foehammer (Live Bonus Track)
11.Hawk As Weapon (Live Bonus Track)


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