Britanicii de la Shvpes (pronuntat “Shapes”) au lansat single-ul intitulat “Calloused Hands” .

Piesa face parte de pe viitorul album, botezat “Greater Than” ce va fi lansat pe 9 noiembrie 2018 via Search and Destroy / Spinefarm Records.

Albumul este compus in Tara Galilor, fiind apoi inregistrat in Treehouse Studios din Chesterfield sub bagheta renumitului producator Jim Pinder (Bullet For My Valentine, Machine Head, While She Sleeps).

Piesele sunt complexe, te provoaca si te poarta printr-o multitudine de genuri: hip-hop, metal, rock alternativ, toate impanate bine cu elemente urbane. O muzica greu de digerat. Doar pentru cei deschisi la minte.

Griffin Dickinson vocalul Shvpes a declarat:

“This is the first song we wrote together after coming back from our first European tour.We’d been out for six weeks, experiencing something we’d always dreamed of… As soon as we got back, as with most tours, reality hits and you’re sucked back into the ‘real world’ that pressures you to go and get a ‘real job’  — i.e. doing something you probably don’t care about, for some narcissistic company that equally doesn’t care about you. This song was all about reminding myself why I don’t want to be a part of that. With lyrics like ‘Capitalize, cannibalize, and paralyzed by your next fix,’ it’s exploring the futility of the paper chase.”

Matt Heafy de la  Trivium este guest pe piesa “Rain”, una dintre cele mai metalice piese ale albumului.

Paradoxal, Heafy, cu vocea lui imprevizibila, se “ocupa” de partile hip-hop ale piesei.

“That just seemed like the perfect part because we didn’t want to give him a screamy-shouty verse, we wanted to do something a bit different. We put about 10 takes of him on there, so we’ve got this vocal gang monster”


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