Proiectul rusesc Skyforest (Atmospheric Post-Black) ne livreaza spre ascultare integrala noul EP .

Denumit “Harmony” , EP-ul este unul acoustic in intregime si reprezinta in fapt un preludiu pentru urmatorul album Skyforest ce se anunta insa mult mai “moale” decat precedentele.

Este distribuit prin casa de discuri Depressive Illusion Records. De mixaje si masterizare s-a ocupat Nekkomix in timp ce grafica discului i-a fost incredintata artistului rus Sergey Shenderovsky.

This EP is entirely acoustic but I’m not abandoning metal! It’s just a transition from Unity to the next album which will come eventually (I hope for 2020). This EP will also flow perfectly combined with Unity album, so you can try shuffle them 🙂

Once again, thanks to Michael Rumple for his nicely done clean vocals (he’s now a part of Skyforest officially) and Arina Fox for her beautiful and atmospheric singing in the title song (she also did vocals in my other dream pop project Hiki, on latest album).

Also thanks to СЕРГЕЙ ШЕНДЕРОВСКИЙ for his incredible artwork! Once again he was able to draw exactly what I was imagining.

I’ve been dreaming about the acoustic EP in this project long before even Unity was born, so that’s another dream fulfilled.
Hope you enjoy it!

Skyforest - Harmony Header

Asculta si tu noul EP Skyforest in playerul bandcamp de mai jos ;).

Tracklist :
1. Night Sailor
2. Calm
3. First Rays of Dawn
4. Harmony
5. Where I Belong

Skyforest - Harmony

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