Onkel Tom, legenda metalului german, a lansat un nou videoclip pentru piesa “Ich Finde Nur Metal Geil” !

Piesa face parte de pe viitorul album al trupei ce se va numi “Bier Ernst” ce va fi lansat pe 28 septembrie 2018 via SPV/Steamhammer.

Despre acest nou single trupa a declarat:

The song ‘Ich finde nur Metal geil’ (I like Metal music only) speaks to us from the bottom of our hearts. It owns everything that we like in Metal music. Some classical stuff, some Thrash Metal, melodic guitars and a strong chorus. The video is the perfect movie, put in scene stylish and costly by Moritz ‘Mumpi’ Künster, to show what we meant with the song. It`s about the love to Metal Music, friendship, and a little bit of anarchy. We are Metal extremists!!!!!

Band members:
Celli – chitara
Tom Angelripper – voce
Marc Beste – bass
Corny – tobe
Klaus Nicodem – chitara

Onkel Tom 3

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