Astazi, 14 august 2018, una dintre cele mai efervescente trupe din Europa, The Brew (Rock / UK) isi prezinta single-ul Seven Days Too Long“.

Piesa ce este insotita de un lyric video, face parte de pe viitorul album intitulatArt Of Persuasionce va fi disponibil pe data de 5 octombrie 2018 via Napalm Records.

Despre Seven Days Too Long trupa a declarat:

We had a lot of fun writing and recording this song, love the combination of a funky bass line with a hypnotic chorus vocal, all brought together with an epic, stomping backbeat. If it’s not being listened to at a high volume, you’re doing it wrong!

1. Seven Days Too Long
2. One Line Crimes
3. Boomerang Fool
4. Gin Soaked Loving Queen
5. Naked As I Stand
6. Shaking The Room
7. Pointless Pain
8. Excess
9. Carry The News
10. Ghost Of The Nation
11. Pink Noise King

The Brew - Art Of Persuasion

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