Trupa australiana Bastardizer (Blackened Thrash Metal) lanseaza un nou in septembrie via Undercover Records / Evil Spell Records.

Numele acestuia? “Dawn of Domination” !

More crushing than our previous releases, we are certain you’ll love this one. Mixed and mastered yet again by good mate Joel Grind. Artwork courtesy of James Campbell.

1. Dawn of Domination
2. A Dose of Vengeance
3. Crimson Trenches
4. Death Cult
5. Demons Unleashed
6. Whiskey ’til Death
7. Up the Ante
8. Hellions of the Oath
9. Midnight in Hell (featuring Vanik)
10. Mongrels’ Wrath/The Depraved Nazarene Whore
11. Unholy Allegiance

Bastardizer Album Cover

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