Trupa hardcore australiana Lifeblood, isi largeste orizonturile odata cu lansarea noului single “Expand” si a noului EP intitulat “The Air in My Lungs”.

EP-ul ce va vedea lumina zilei pe data de 12 octombrie 2018 a fost inregistrat si mixat de Troy Brady (ex-The Amity Affliction), masterizarea fiindu-i incredintata lui Scott Simpson (Alpha Wolf). Pe plan muzical, sonor, “The Air in My Lungs” aduce cu sine tonalitati abrazive, disonante si exploreaza lumea texturilor atmosferice.

Dylan Clark, vocalul trupei ne vorbeste despre acest nou EP:

This has been a while coming – we have been playing a bunch of shows lately and holding on to this record to wait for a good time to kick this off – we are hyped to get this into people’s ears – it’s the stuff we are most proud of so far in our career.

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