Trupa cu lineup eclectic Azusa, ce are in componenta membri din The Dillinger Escape Plan, Extol, si Sea + Air isi va soca ascultatorii in acest an cu un album experimental si fascinant! Lansarea lui “Heavy Yoke”, primul album Azusa, este prevazuta pentru data de 16 Noiembrie 2018 via Solid State Records.

Trupa s-a ascociat cu Revolver Magazine pentru a-si lansa primul single intitulat “Heart of Stone”. Il poti asculta aici.

“Heart of Stone” is one of the more direct and ‘to the point’ tracks on the album.It flirts with the punk / hardcore side of thrash and death metal and still saves room for weirder melodies and unpredictable shifts. Lyrically, this song sums up what the Heavy Yoke album is all about: There is a carnival of contrasts found in every soul, as in life itself. When changes in life bring instability, we’re often driven by negative forces like fear instead of love.

1.Interstellar Islands
2.Heart of Stone
3.Heavy Yoke
4.Fine Lines
5.Lost In the Ether
7.Programmed to Distress
8.Eternal Echo
9.Iniquitous Spiritual Praxis
10.Succumb to Sorrow
11.Distant Call

Band members:
Eleni Zafiriadou (Sea + Air) – voce
Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan) – bass
Christer Espevoll (Extol) – chitara
David Husvik (Extol) – tobe


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