Casa de discuri Frontiers Music Srl a lansat albumul de debut al trupei Dream Child ce are in lineup legende ale scenei de hard’n’heavy : Craig Goldy, Simon Wright, Rudy Sarzo la care se adauga chitaristul/ claparul Wayne Findlay si vocalul Diego Valdez.

Fanii Black Sabbath (perioada Ronnie James Dio) sau Rainbow vor aprecia cu siguranta acest album!

Pentru promovarea albumului intitulat “Until Death Do We Meet Again”, trupa a lansat si un spectaculos videoclip pentru piesa “Midnight Song“.

Despre “Midnight Song”, chitaristul Craig Goldy a declarat:

When Chas West and I wrote “Midnight Song” together, I had the music and he and I had the melody lines. Then we needed a story line and a title to start the lyrics off with, and then Chas told me about an old bluesman’s term called a “Midnight Song”. It’s whatever is bugging you and making you unable to sleep at night. Whatever that is, is your“Midnight Song”! And I thought that was a very cool premise to write about within the confines of our melody lines.

Band members:
Craig Goldy – chitara (ex-Dio, Giuffria)
Simon Wright – tobe (ex-AC/DC, Dio, Operation: Mindcrime)
Rudy Sarzo – bass (ex-Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio)
Wayne Findlay -chitara/clape (ex- MSG)
Diego Valdez -voce (Helker)

Dream Child - Until Death Do We Meet Again

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