Terror, trupa de hardcore originara din Los Angeles, isi va lansa cel de-al 7-lea album de studio pe data de 28 septembrie 2018 prin casele de discuri Nuclear Blast (Europa) si Pure Noise (Worldwide). Discul, intitulat “Total Retaliation”, a fost inregistrat la Graphic Nature Audio din Belleville, New Jersey cu ajutorul renumitului producator Will Putney (Body Count, The Acacia Strain).

Pentru promovarea albumului, americanii au lansat un videoclip pentru piesa “This World Never Wanted Me”. Despre noul videoclip, vocalul Scott Vogel a tinut sa precizeze:

I think most of us that are drawn to underground music in one way or another feel like they don’t fit in this fucked up place.Whether we were thrown away and left to make it alone, or just constantly told we are not good enough, something told us that these sounds and the energy it creates was a way out and a way to find solace in the darkest times.

Tracklist :
1. This World Never Wanted Me
2. Mental Demolition
3. Get Off My Back
4. One More Enemy
5. Break The Lock
6. In Spite Of These Times
7. Total Retaliation
8. Post Armageddon Interlude
9. Spirit of Sacrifice
10. I Don’t Know You
11. Behind The Bars
12. Suffer The Edge Of The Lies
13. Resistant To The Changes

Band members:
Scott Vogel – voce
Nick Jett – tobe
Jordan Posner – chitara
Martin Stewart – chitara
David Wood – bass


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