Suedezii de la Greenleaf (Stoner/Rock’n’Roll) au lansat un videoclip amuzant pentru piesa “Good Ol`Goat”. Vizioneaza-l mai jos in playerul youtube:

Despre ineditul videoclip trupa a declarat:

We wanted to do something funny and entertaining and Peder Bergstand came up with this idea. It’s a very fitting video since it’s packed with dad jokes and some of us recently became fathers. Enjoy the bass!

Piesa “Good Ol`Goat” face parte de pe ultimul album al trupei  “Hear The Rivers” ce va fi lansat pe data de 9 noiembrie 2018 prin intermediul casei de discuri Napalm Records.

“Hear The Rivers” is our full length number 7. Lucky number 7? Well, we like to think so! All the songs give us huge smiles on our faces and we are extremely proud of what we have done! As always we try to take our listeners on a trip with our music, make them wanna bang their heads, dance, smile and cry (of happiness of course). This is easily the biggest sounding record we have ever done and we hope people will enjoy it as much as we do!

1. Let It Out!
2. Sweet Is The Sound
3. A Point Of A Secret
4. Good Ol´Goat
5. The Rumble And The Weight
6. We Are The Pawns
7. Oh My Bones
8. In The Caverns Below
9. High Fever
10. The Rivers Lullaby

Band Members:
Tommi Holappa – chitara
Sebastian Olsson – tobe
Hans Fröhlich – bass
Arvid Hällagård – voce

Albumul va fi disponibil in urmatoarele formate: 4 Page Digipack, Doppel LP-Gatefold, Digital Album si poate fi precomandat aici.

Greenleaf-Hear The Rivers


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