Francezii de la Gorod (Death Metal / Progressive / Jazz) au anuntat recent ca vor lansa un nou album. Acesta se va numi “Aethra” si va fi disponibil incepand cu data de 19 octombrie 2018 prin intermediul casei de discuri Overpowered Records.
Noul album este disponibil pentru precomenzi in format digital via AmazoniTunes si Google Play dar si in diferite formate fizice prin site-ul Overpowered Records.

Pentru promovarea noului disc, francezii au lansat un lyric video pentru piesa “Aethra” ce poate fi vizionat mai jos.

Vocalul Julien Deyres a declarat referitor la noua piesa:

Aethra” refers precisely to the complexity of naming, especially when it comes to distant entities both in space and time. Indeed, even among historians, the name Aethra is debated. Some see her as the mother of Theseus, others as Hyperion’s wife, mother of Helios, Selene and Eos. The subject that actually caught my attention for this album is that of an Aethra (more frequently called Theia) who would be the mother of the moon. Moreover, there is a scientific theory mentioning that an asteroid collided with the Earth which left us a fragment that is still turning around us, and that appears and disappears completely every 28 days. Aethra is therefore the missing mother who left us the corpse of her offspring in orbit as a memory of the tragedy… but the purpose of the lyrics remains here to leave you all a personal ‘substantial part of fantasy’!

Albumul este inregistrat si produs de chitaristul si creierul trupei Mathieu Pascal in propriul studio Bud Studio, fiind apoi mixat la Dugout Studio cu ajutorul incredibilului Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, Behemoth, Decapitated, InFlames) si masterizat de Lawrence Mackrory la Obey Mastering (Decapitated, Nightrage).

“Aethra” reprezinta un mare pas in fata in ceea ce priveste productia, piesele si mai ales aranjamentele muzicale ce transporta ascultatorul rapid intr-un univers tragic, melancolic.

1. Wolfsmond
2. Bekhten’s Curse
3. Aethra
4. The Sentry
5. Hina
6. And the Moon Turned Black
7. Chandra and the Maiden
8. Goddess of Dirt
9. Inexorable
10. A Light Unseen

Band Members:
Julien “Nutz” Deyres – voce
Mathieu Pascal – chitara
Ben “Barby” claus – bass
Nicolas Alberny – chitara
Karol Diers – tobe

Gorod Aethra

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