Dupa ce recent au lansat un remix disco al piesei, suedezii de la Ghost ne prezinta acum videoclipul pentru piesa originala “Dance Macabre”. Clipul regizat de Zev Deans ni-l prezinta pe tanarul Papa Emeritus si inceputurile relatiei romantice a acestuia cu Sister Imperator.

Piesa in sine ne vorbeste despre ciuma neagra ce s-a abaut asupra omenirii in secolul al XIV-lea.

It’s about dancing the night away “Ironically, this video is a little bit about the beginning, whereas the song is about the end, but then again, the world comes to an end often. You can regard it as the beginning of [Papa and Sister Imperator’s] relationship.

Cat despre vibe-ul disco pe care il are aceasta piesa – ce face parte de pe ultimul material discografic al suedezilor intitulat “Prequelle” – acelasi Forge a declarat:

Originally, I wasn’t necessarily entertaining the idea that it would be a Ghost track … but as soon as I started writing the full lyrics for it, I realized this is going to work [as a Ghost song]. I like the idea of trying to create unique songs … kind of like what Queen did — they have a hard rock song, then they synth song, then they have a ballad.

Cronica Bloody News, pentru acest ultim album Ghost poate fi citita aici.


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