Britanicii de la Architects au lansat documentarul “Holy Ghost”. Documentarul cu o durata de 22 de minute ii prezinta pe componentii Architects in diferite ipostaze: discutand despre viitorul albumHoly Hell (9 noiembrie, Epitaph Records), despre cel care a fost Tom Searle, frate, chitarist si membru fondator si despre faptul ca singura lor optiune a fost sa mearga inainte desi au avut de traversat un adevarat iad.

Contine de asemenea imagini inedite, captivante, pline de emotie de la show-ul sold out, sustinut in fata a 10.000 de fani in Alexandra Palace din Londra. Fara cuvinte….

Dan Searle tobarul trupei (si frate al lui Tom Searle) a declarat:

I guess the biggest lesson I’ve learned, that’s repeatedly come to me and actually underpins the whole meaning behind the record is that you can go through terrible things and come out as a better person at the other end of it

Noul album Holy Hell poate fi precomandat in format fizic si digital de pe site-ul Architects.

1.Death Is Not Defeat
3.Mortal After All
4.Holy Hell
6.Royal Beggars
7.Modern Misery
8.Dying To Heal
9.The Seventh Circle
11.A Wasted Hymn

Architects Holy Hell


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