Pyralis, metalistii din Minneapolis au semnat recent un contract cu label-ul Good Fight Music. Acum, au lansat un videoclip pentru cel mai recent single al lor intitulat “Daggers”.

Piesa face parte de EP-ul “Everything Is Emptiness” ce va vedea lumina zilei pe data de 30 noiembrie 2018.

Based on our limited resources, the video far exceeded our expectations.Thematically, the video is the fire and blood you experience going through a breakup with someone you love. We feel like it’s a theme that everyone can relate to. We picked this song because it’s the first song we wrote and it captured the raw intensity of this band.

Trupa Pyralis s-a format in cea de-a doua jumatate a anului 2016 din ex-componenti ai trupelor Disembodied, Torch The Spires si Too Pure To Die.

2.Cryptic Vice
5.Bête Noire

Pyralis Album Cover Everything Is Emptiness

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