Horehound trupa americana de post-doom originara din Pittsburgh a lansat  pe site-ul Decibel Magazine, pentru ascultare integrala, ultimul album “Holocene” . Asculta-l aici:

Conform Decibel Magazine “Holocene” este un album extrem de divers:

Vocalist Shy Kennedy switches off between clean singing and a harsh growl, while her bandmates follow suit with their instruments. Throughout the album, that diversity remains the key. Because they’re always moving (albeit slowly), Horehound don’t dig themselves into a rut and become just another stoner/doom band.

Lansarea noului album va avea loc vineri 30 noiembrie 2018 prin intermediul casei de discuri Doom Stew Records. Va fi disponibil in format CD, vinyl editie limitata, caseta dar digital si in streaming pe Bandcamp, Spotify si restul platformelor.

Pentru precomenzi puteti accesa unul dintre urmatoarele link-uri:

Doom Stew Records: https://www.doomstew.com/store/holocene
Horehound: https://pro-sludge.com/

Referitor la noul album, componentii trupei au declarat:

“Holocene” is the real coming of Horehound. We had to shake some things up to get the sonancy we wanted and feel like we have arrived to that sound in Holocene. We are excited to share this with everyone and we are enthused to work with Doom Stew Records, as we feel akin to them as they are also growing within the great heavy underground. We go from here.

1. The Kind
2. Dier’s Dirge
3. L’appel du Vide
4. The Sloth
5. Anastatica
6. Highball

Band Members:
Brendan Parrish – chitara
Nick Kopco – bass
Shy Kennedy – voce
JD Dauer – tobe

Horehound - Holocene

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